Club’s SOP

Club’s SOP

Dear members,

A quick update to our club’s SOP as follows with effect from 17.6.2020.

1. All bookings must be made 24 hours in advance by calling us at 03 2148 2626. Please provide your FULL NAME, EMAIL ADD and CONTACT NUMBER. Confirmation email will be sent to you and thereafter no changes will be allowed to date or timing.

Members must present the confirmation email to our staff for entry.

2. Each member is only allowed to book 1 slot per day.

3. For attendance to Group Exercise Classes, pre-registration will be made available 20 minutes before each class. Members are not allowed to book for 2 back to back classes, to be fair to other members. Members are advised to spray, sanitize the equipment before and after used, leave the studio, shower and quickly leave the club.

4. Our CREW will be on hand to advice you about social distancing if we observe that there is no social distancing practices between you and your friends. In doing so, our staff may also ask you to leave the club immediately if you fail to adhere to our SOP strictly.

Remember that we are all in this TOGETHER! That is why we always say that #togetherwecan #flattenthecurve !!

Sports TOTO Fitness - Author